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Old School NASCAR Roars To Life, Will Melt You To Your Core

As the calendar pages flip and we move on with our lives, there’s no denying that when it comes to automobiles, there are a lot of features that make them better in a lot of ways. There’s absolutely no denying that as time goes on, cars are really getting better with things like safety features and even power efficiency, even when it comes to racing, it seems like the cars today and the cars of yesterday have almost no comparison when it comes to the technology that your find onboard and the different things that you can do with this technology.

However, no matter how advanced or technologically sound a vehicle might be, there’s no denying that some of the order vehicles that you’ll find have a cool factor that simply can’t be matched. It might not be the fastest or the safest but, when you look at them, your jaw is guaranteed to drop to the floor, making you wonder how one machine can be so incredibly attractive as it roars to life and shows you what exactly American muscle is all about. This time, such cool factor just so happens to be omitted from a ride that’s ripping it NASCAR style with an old Grand Torino that’s doing that job and doing it well.

The video below is as much of an audio experience as it is a video whirlwind that takes you along for a ride with this old-school NASCAR racing machine. If you follow along with this one, you’ll be able to see exactly what the definition of “cool” really is. It’s all subjective, of course, but come on now…

Also, something to think about when you see a vehicle like this, it’s that the driver has no electronic aid systems to speak of, so it’s all driver when it comes to what something like this is able to accomplish on the racing surface.