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Old School Pickup Powered By Air Radial Engine, Like No Other!

There are builds that are out there that really go above and beyond in terms of how unique the builder decides to get with the materials at hand, taking something that is guaranteed to have almost never been done before and putting their own custom twist on it to really make it pop and stand out from the crowd in a special way but at this point, it’s simply getting ridiculous and we’re loving every second of it! This old school Plymouth pickup truck, a vehicle that you won’t see too often in the first place, is strapped up with an engine that is even more unique as this certainly isn’t your average swap.

This construction brings insanity to the world of four wheels as an airplane radial engine is strapped to the truck to create one of the oddest things that you’ve ever laid eyes on! There are so many things happening here that you almost don’t know where to look as you appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship that it had to take in order to fuse these two different machines together as one to go out there and dominate the streets.

We’re sure that the owner of this truck gets confused looks every step of the way and it’s probably more than worth every second of it as this is every builder’s dream, to create something fresh and new that will make your peers really get into what it took to get the vehicle there.

Check out the one of one build in the video below and tell us what you think of this crazy concoction that has somehow managed to make its way to physical existence. This is one of those off the wall builds that you think up, but never actually do… that is, until now!


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