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Passing an Old Time Mechanic Trick on to the Next Generation

As you navigate your way through different situations in the garage, you’ll eventually find that after having so many situations pop up in your lap and having to solve them, that sometimes, you might figure out a way to come up with a rather creative solution for some of these problems. While some of them continue to pop up over and over again, eventually, an old school mechanic trick might come into play so that everybody can take part in saving a little bit of time and not spending your hours busting your knuckles and not getting the job done.

One issue that you could run across on just about any job is if you have a bolt that needs to be threaded in and simply won’t give into your advances to try and get the hardware in the hole. However, instead of struggling around with attempting to get this simple task done over and over again, if it’s a bolt that’s really giving you a hard time, an old-school mechanic track might dictate that you break out the hacksaw and go to town on such a situation.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll learn how a little bit of precise cutting can take you a long way towards saving some time by changing the way that the bolt might give when you put it in the hole, giving you a little bit more wiggle room when things aren’t exactly lining up the way they should. While it might not be a tactic that should be used every time that a bolt isn’t cooperating with you, I think that this is one trick that every person who is going to be doing any sort of mechanical work should have in their arsenal just in case you really get caught up in a tricky situation.


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