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Oldie But Goodie! Sandrail Jumps Big Canal in Glamis!

Sand rails come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and powerplant combinations, and all of them are AWESOME!

These lightweight sand shredders are built for speed and have massive suspension travel to soak up the bumps as they rip across the dunes. This video – which appears to actually be a few years old – catches a sand rail showing off its power and excellent suspension at Glamis sand dunes. First things first, just listen to this thing. It takes a few moments before the driver really opens it up, but man does it sound sweet when he rolls into the throttle!

Then, watch as he drops the hammer and blasts through the makeshift camp and actually jumps a big aqueduct that meanders through Glamis, hitting the jump perfectly and sailing effortlessly across the man-made river. The stunt sends the crowd into cheers as the driver lands flawlessly!

While we can’t recommend doing this, as one small miscue could lead to disaster, we are glad this guy decided to take the risk and make this badass jump!


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