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One BAD Truck: Twin Turbo Ford Lightning Runs 7s!

When you take a look across the landscape of everything that is going fast these days, sure, there are some trucks thrown into the mix here and there but, as a whole, it really seems a lot more common that you will be able to go out there and see a car going fast. After all, being a lightweight is one of the most powerful factors in the formula of going fast. When you have less mass to move, speed comes a lot easier and can be done with less power. However, when you do see a truck that’s able to move out like this one, it comes as an incredibly special occurrence. In fact, seeing this Ford Lightning make its way down the track is truly a treat to be had.

In this one, it’s not just any old Lightning that we’re taking a look at. Instead, we’re looking at a heavyweight that is packing 1900 hp. When you consider the fact that this thing weighs in at 3400 pounds, it is certainly not considered “light,” especially when you compare it to its competitors, however, when you think about how much power is being cranked out by that small block Ford that’s complemented by twin 88 mm Bullseye turbos, it really puts things in perspective now doesn’t it? All of the above factors come into play here and really make this truck deliver, allowing that Ford to power its way down the track to the tune of low seven-second passes, even setting up personal best at 7.12-seconds in the quarter mile.

Follow along in the video below as we hear all about this truck and exactly how it combines just the right amount of power, driver ability, and suspension set up, to power its way into a club that you probably never thought possible from this kind of platform. We have to say that we are incredibly impressed by exactly what this driver and vehicle combination was able to accomplish out there at the Import versus Domestic World Cup Finals. Dare we say that this truck will be toying with the six-second range soon?