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One of The Coolest Things Shawn (Murder Nova) Has Ever Done For Big Chief

When you’re talking about putting together a car that’s specially tailored to meet your needs, there are a lot of unique touches about it, many times, that are fitted especially to you just like a glove. It’s these touches that really make the car your own and help you to form that bond between man and machine that really makes the ride a part of you. One of the pieces of the original Crow, as piloted by Big Chief, that Murder Nova aka Shawn says really made the car was the one-of-a-kind front valance modeled after a 1970 Pontiac GTO that was made to Chief’s liking, combining different styling cues into one unique look.

In this bonus scene, we catch up with the moment that Shawn decided that the new rendition of the Crow would need the same mean look to make it a one-of-a-kind machine, a tribute to the car that they say is probably the best-looking race built GTO out there.

Therefore, he goes out and buys a new front end for his buddy to make the car something like the machine that its namesake once was. There was something about the mystique of the original Crow that would make it pretty untouchable but with small little details like this, the crew definitely pulled together a machine that is special in its own right.

Follow along with the video down below that gives us a bonus moment that brings you a little bit more detail about how the Crow came to be what it is today. What do you think of this custom front end that really gives the car a different look?Do you think that, with this addition, the Crow becomes some more of a showstopper? Personally, I think it adds quite the amount of flair to the machine in order to make it stand out from the crowd even more… as if it didn’t already.


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