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One Year Later – Here’s How Much the Tesla Solar Roof Can Actually Save You

When most people think of the Tesla brand, they think about it as a car company. However, under the surface, Tesla goes so much deeper than that. In fact, it’s almost kind of a slap in the face to think that they are just simply out there producing cars. Instead, we would probably categorize them as an energy company that just so happens to have transportation in the product line.

For example, the company even goes so far as powering homes. Some people might not realize that one of their products includes solar powered roof shingles to try and get that energy bill down.

As we know, most of Tesla’s vehicles so far have seemed to meet acclaim from customers and critics alike. How exactly does this sort of reputation apply to their role with their solar powered products, though?

There are definitely a lot of things to wonder about with such a new product and this time, we check in with creator, Austin Flack, who gives us the rundown on what it’s like to live with the product.

After being an early adopter and living with the Tesla roof for an entire year, this time, we get the breakdown of how the product performs. Many questions are answered including how it ends up looking over time, what kind of maintenance is required, and how likely it is to retain its peak power for its entire lifespan. There are many other fun facts that can be learned from Flack’s experience as well, though.

For anyone who has been planning on considering maybe getting a Tesla powered roof, the video below is a gold mine of information. Even for someone like myself who wasn’t considering getting one in the first place, perhaps it might be a good idea to start looking after seeing what it might be able to save in power bills.

In this particular situation presented in the video, saving over $2000 each year presents some pretty awesome upside.


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