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Only in America Do We Have Badass V8 Powered Chainsaws!

Chainsaws are one of the more useful inventions to come along, especially if you happen to work in the landscaping industry, or if you have a lot of trees on your property and would rather not hire a guy who has a chainsaw to do something you can do yourself. While they terrify many a horror movie junkie, they’re not used a instruments of torture as much as you’d think, though the unthinkable has happened occasionally.

However, as Americans tend to do, we’ve taken chainsaws to an insane new level here in the States, outfitting them with engines out of actual production cars and bolted them onto spinning chains, turning them into massive machines that can slice through dense logs like a hot knife through warm butter.

Of course, it requires a bit of muscle to lift a fully-dressed V8 engine and wield it like a full throttle tree slicer, so these guys team up in pairs and lift the whole mechanism high into the air above the massive tree trunk, then let gravity and the rapidly-rotating chain take over. You can see in the video below, these things are absurdly awkward to operate, obnoxiously loud, and rip through the wood like nobody’s business, and therefore, they are insanely cool!

Watch as this compilation shows you several of these beasts doing what they do at various contests across the nation. These guys put a whole new twist on the term “Lumberjack” for sure, lopping off rings of these huge logs as if it were nothing. All of these saws appear to be naturally aspirated, so of course, we have to ask who is going to strap a blower, turbocharger, or nitrous kit to one and bump up the power? Seems like a logical next step to us! Let’s see it, Lumberjacks: Power Adder Chainsaws!