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Oregon police do craigslist stings for stolen goods

The internet has really come a far way to the point where you can arrange just about anything that your heart desires with the simple click of a mouse. Online flea market sites like Craigslist offer legitimate sellers the opportunity to get rid of some of their stuff and turn a profit.

Sometimes, folks might even be able to credit the start of their business to the website but others, right alongside these entrepreneurs, are running businesses in a not so savory method. It’s not exactly a secret that lots of stolen merchandise finds its way to the page as well.

While it might have taken law enforcement a minute to react and figure out how they were going to handle such problems, it looks like this Oregon division of craigslist crime busters has their role figured out quite well and this time they are taking us inside to show us how they deal with the cyber criminals.

When the unit receives tips for stolen merchandise that has popped up on the website, the hunt is on to find out if they can grab back the item after carefully identifying it to make sure that it’s a match. The job has to be one that is exhilarating each and every day. If you’re interested in seeing more about how they go about confronting the bad guys, drop in below to see the busts for yourself.