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Osborne Reef Littered With 700,000 Tires a Disaster Off Shore of Ft Lauderdale, Florida

When it comes to protecting our environment, it might seem like a pretty straightforward task but it doesn’t always end up being as easy as it sounds. Even for those two take extra measures to make sure that the environment is safe, sometimes, like we see here, those measures might just backfire. This time, the backfire ended up being pretty catastrophic. The folks here went to some pretty extensive lengths that had to cost a lot of money to sink tires into the water to try and save the quality of life in Florida but, as it would turn out, the rubber wouldn’t end up agreeing with any of the other environmental factors. Allow us to explain.

You see, with the reef destruction that has been happening off the shore of Florida, the people of Fort Lauderdale decided that they would sink 700,000 tires under the surface of the water to give wild plants a surface to grow on. However, those involved with the operation would find out that the plants weren’t taking to the tires at all and instead, the tires that had been carefully and selectively laid in certain spaces would be causing damage to the environment, the exact inverse of their original purpose.

Now, as you would imagine, naturally, you would just expect all the tires to picked back up and for everything to be alright again. However, even for those who are trying to conserve the environment, cost is definitely a factor. When they would begin to remove the tires, everything would look like it would be going as according to plan, however, they would eventually run out of money, leaving hundreds of thousands of tires still under the surface of the water to be removed. When storms come around, they say that the damage that they cause gets even worse as the tires move around. Down in the video below, the extent of the entire crisis will be laid out to you and you can learn a little bit more about the effort that’s going on to try and help.


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