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Out-of-Control Rally Car Comes Inches From Spectators in Throwback Video

Sometimes, when you see a video like this, you simply can’t help but watch it over and over again. What just happened in front of your eyes might be so miraculous that you almost can’t believe it’s reality as it looks like something that could’ve come straight out of a scene of a Hollywood picture where the protagonist has to survive in order for the story to surge on. However, in this scene, there certainly is no Hollywood magic or any protagonist to speak of, just a bunch of regular people sitting on a wall and watching rally cars zoom by.

All of these factors came together for an incredibly unfortunate situation to pan out as eventually, one of the competitors in this race ended up taking a turn a little bit too quickly, veering wide and hurling at a high rate of speed toward these spectators. It’s pretty gut-wrenching to watch as the car speeds straight into the wall and ends up going airborne, making its way toward the people standing nearby in a situation it looks like it’s almost guaranteed to end badly.

However, at the last moment, it looks like everybody is able either able to scatter or duck and cover as they’re in such a position where the car simply seems to bounce straight over them.

This is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime incident as nobody was majorly injured from the situation that really had to have made these people count their blessings as they walked away from something that just about nobody could have seen panning out as well as it did.

I guess that, for these people, it just wasn’t their time yet and somebody was looking over them because if this thing unfolded in just about any other series of movements, whether the car would’ve shifted a couple of feet in any direction or one person tripped as they scattered, somebody was definitely not making it out alive.