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Outlaws Cash Days Goes Bad… Firebird Goes Straight Into The Bushes!

I think this might be one of the quickest crashes I’ve ever seen. To give you and idea of just how quickly things go wrong, the entire video is really short, only 17 seconds, and half of that time is spent showing the starter pulling the two cars to the line. That leaves just 8 seconds for the actual crash to take place, and less than half of that is needed!

The car in the left lane, which should look familiar to fans of a certain Memphis street racing kingpin, is a nitrous-fed Firebird formerly owned by none other than JJ Da Boss. The car, formerly known as The Prostitute, has a well-established history of being nearly unbeatable on the street, but there’s a reason we don’t race reputations, and you’re about to get a good look at that reason.

The car in the right lane we really don’t know anything about other than it’s a 3rd generation Firebird that sounds like it’s powered by a turbocharged setup. Anything else would be pure speculation at this point, but the car sounds good but, as you’ll see as the video progresses, it’s a little too hopped up for this particular street. The driver was also a little late getting off the starting line, and that may very well have kept this from being a two-car incident.

The nitrous firebird on the left heads immediately for the centerline as soon as the starter hits his light, very nearly taking out the starter himself. The driver grabs a handful of steering wheel and yanks the car back to the left, keeping it from getting all the way into the right lane. However, in doing so, he upset the car’s suspension and sent it skidding toward the shrubs on lining the left shoulder. The car bounces into the grass and catches the curb, however, which sends the car spinning back into the street and saving the shrubs from an impromptu pruning.

The car rolls to a stop in the middle of the street as the onlookers run to check on the driver as the other car motors down its lane to take the easy win. Luckily the driver was uninjured in the incident.