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Overkill Duramax Blows up on Dyno – 1844HP

1844HP is a ton of ponies, in case that wasn’t already completely obvious. While diesel technology has evolved to the point where almost 2000hp has been achieved before, we think it’s safe to say that this Chevrolet Duramax was pushed a little too far past the limit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 5.26.44 PM

When we hear the turbo spool on this monster, we can tell that we’re about to see something special, but that in combination the nitrous was a tad too much. What we end up with is a quite epic explosion with parts a flyin’. Check out all the action in the video below.


Think that was crazy? Check out this one and watch the explosion from passenger headlight area…

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 5.25.09 PM