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Overpowered Sand Car Lays Down 1300hp At The Tire

1300hp At The Tire With A TT 454ci Warhawk Mill

Not your average sand car here. Few on Earth have the power to weight ratio that modern sand cars have. These tube chassis wonders that were once mostly powered by stock or warmed up VW engines now sport turbocharged V8s that crank huge power. This video is a prime example of what a top shelf modern sand car looks like with a twin turbocharged 454ci Warhawk  Chevrolet LS engine and more than 1300hp…at the tires. Think of the rooster tails of sand this monster will start chucking around with big paddle means on the back.

Shooting fire balls on the regular!


As there is no sand car culture here in New England, I’m not sure if this car is built for any sort of racing purpose or to just make high speed blasts across the dunes and pull power wheelies for fun. I know that I really want to drive one at some point because dropping the hammer on that much power in the sand has to be a trip. Watching this car run on the dyno is cool because of how hard it squats and digs in at full throttle. The fire shooting out of the exhaust is an added bonus.

An outfit called Custom Built Motors built the mill and the sand rail has CBM’s logo slathered down the side, so this one must have gotten a little extra love. Between the chassis fabrication, the big King remote reservoir shocks, and the monster twin turbo Warhawk, this is one mean bastard. We want a ride badly!