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Owner of Multi-Million Dollar Exotic Tuning Shop Explains How he Turned a Backyard Honda Shop Into a Dream

When it comes to starting a business, sometimes, the road to get there might not exactly be clear. For example, starting something like a performance shop takes a lot of money and knowledge of the industry. It might not always be apparent how to go about obtaining this experience.

Perhaps somebody wants to get to a place where they own their own shop and has the work ethic to do it but they might not know exactly how to go about making their next move. This isn’t just restricted to the performance industry, either. Instead, the cluttered path plagues pretty much every industry that’s out there for somebody with no experience.

Luckily, with the help of the internet, things have gotten much more obtainable these days. Not only has the information shared been able to help people build their businesses but has also been used to help them shape their expectations.

This time, in a feature from the UpFlip YouTube channel, we get a little bit of insight on one of the most respected names in the performance community. Some might know Sheepey Race for their insane exotic car builds. However, it turns out that the business had a much more modest beginning than that.

In this one, Alex Soto, the owner of Sheepey Race, gives us the rundown of how exactly he took his business, building turbo manifolds for Hondas, and built it, brick by brick, until he would eventually end up modifying exotic cars and bringing in millions of dollars per year.

This breakdown gives us everything from what he tends to make the most money on all the way to some of the advice that he would give to upcoming entrepreneurs. It’s not every day that we get to pick the brain of someone on this level, so grab that note pad and listen in as Soto teaches a lesson on the world of automotive performance.


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