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Panda Mustang (LS Killer) Head to Head vs Turbo LS Impala (Panda Killer)!

If you take a spin around the country, you’ll discover all kinds of interesting rivalries between platforms and individuals who really take things to the next level. Sure, watching a couple of cars race each other can be interesting in its own right but when you throw in the fact that the drivers have a little bit of a history where there is some kind of other underlying rivalry for some reason, the picture can get even more interesting as you have an even deeper understanding of exactly what’s going on that adds another layer to the story behind the race.

This time, we check out a Chevy versus Ford battle that has been unraveling on the east coast. As you can expect with any rivalry, this one definitely comes with its fair share of drama and smack talking alike as a couple of cars come together and battle it out, this time on the track. In one corner we have a turbocharged Chevrolet Impala with LS power under the hood and in the other corner, a Roush Supercharged Ford Mustang with a little bit of nitrous on top to make the equation a little bit more interesting as the pair squares off in a quarter mile battle at Cecil County Dragway.

Follow along down below as round two of this rivalry unfolds on the track. Round one went to the Impala out on the streets but this time, the Mustang is sporting an automatic transmission instead of a stick shift which should make things flow a bit more smoothly. Who will come out on top here? Will we see a tie in terms of wins in this rivalry or will the Impala run away with the money? There’s only one way to find out and it’s by clicking play and tuning in to the BigKleib34 video down below!


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