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Paratroopers Static Line Jump From C-17… BADASS!

The fine young men and women in our military are some of the most highly-trained soldiers on the planet, thanks in large part to exercises like these. Lined up by the dozen inside a massive C-17 Globemaster, these soldiers are headed up to practice jumping from the massive plane to the ground below so that when the day ever comes that they have to jump into action from the sky above.

The soldiers line up and click their tethers onto the overhead cable, then await the order to jump. As they leap from the door, the tether pulls their chute for them, leaving them to focus on the descent and landing, which comes fairly quickly thanks to the relatively low altitude from which they jump. This is just one jump in a series the soldiers perform while training, helping build their muscle memory and teaching them what to expect in a variety of situations.

As you can see, the soldiers handle the jump like champs. Look closely near the bottom of the frame around the 4:22 mark for a certain soldier who appears to be enjoying the jump a little too much as he swings his feet back and forth while falling gracefully toward the ground below. Upon landing, one soldier is dragged a few yards by his chute before he’s able to find the release handles and detach from the fabric panel.

We always enjoy seeing our military men and women in action, from training to actual combat, as it is awe inspiring to see their bravery on display. These soldiers will travel around the world, protecting us and our allies from enemies foreign and domestic. We thank you all for your sacrifice and wish you all the very best as you perform the duties so many of us simply don’t have the balls to perform!


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