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Ever Wonder Where a Seaplane Goes When They’re Done With It?

Parking Like a Boss! Hangar City

When it comes to personal flight, there are lots of ways to get up in the air. One of those ways just so happens to be that of the seaplane. Obviously, with typical planes, the operator is going to need some sort of the traditional runway. From there, they’ll stash their airplane in a hangar. However, with the seaplane, the operator is able to land in any body of water that is long enough.

As with any sort of airplane, there are some nuances with the seaplane that one simply isn’t going to know about unless they’re responsible for one. For example, if it’s not going into a traditional hanger, where does a seaplane park? If you’re anything like me, you probably just assume that it’s left it floating at a dock. However, at least if we ask the person behind this video, that’s not exactly the case.

Instead, in this one, we check out what exactly someone does with such an aircraft after they’re finished with it. After the plane touches down in the water and idles toward the side, before we know it, this plane is actually rolling on the ground. Perhaps it’s the novice in me but I never even knew that that was possible!

By following along with the video below, we get to check out the neat technical display that shows what happens with a seaplane after the operator is done with it. This really seems to be one of those questions that you don’t know you’re curious about until it’s presented.

Watching this particular pilot craftily navigate the plane around the water and into its portable garage is pretty neat to see. Seeing a demonstration like this really makes us even more curious about some of the ins and outs of this sort of hobby.


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