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Paul Walkers Amazing Car Collection at AE Performance

Paul Walkers Amazing Car Collection at AE Performance

Unlike many actors, from what we can tell from a distance, Paul Walker came seamlessly close to living out his role that he played on screen, nitrous and all! While we’re not sure of every last detail, we can tell you one thing for sure, he had one insane collection of cars.

Check it out as The Smoking Tire goes inside Paul’s collection about a year before his tragic death. He literally has everything from an Eleanor Ford Mustang to a track driven Porsche GT3 RS to the must have old school Chevrolet Camaro.

You truly have to watch the video end to end to appreciate the diversity of this automotive melting pot. Check out the video below that outlines each and every car in Paul’s collection and pick out your favorite!

Every last Fast and Furious fan will be teary eyed at this emotional tribute music video.

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