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Pavement Princess Gets Stuck Three Feet From the Street

There’s a reason pickup trucks get so much love nowadays – they are all-rounders and make the perfect daily driver. Trucks will drop and pick kids from school, carry groceries, tag a trailer, and even haul your neighbor’s beater when it gets stuck in traffic. But there’s a new breed of decked-out trucks, ‘the mall crawlers’ and ‘pavement princesses. ‘They might be flashy but defy the logic behind having a pickup truck.

The automotive market is experiencing a shift in trends. Big is now better. It’s the same reason the perfect family car switched from the sedan to a crossover. And as our appetite for cars is getting big, trucks are getting bigger. Either way, tricking out cars has its limits. You are either doing it for performance or looks. But still, what’s the point of having good looks if it limits function? A recent video posted on Reddit shows what happens when truck owners choose form over function.

A tricked-out truck drives off a mall parking lot and gets stuck on a grass patch after its tow hitch plows into the ground. Worse, it’s on an elevation, stuck in rear-wheel drive (driver error), and running on low-pros. There are two things to worry about here. One, the truck is running on a massive set of wheels. Huge wheels are aesthetically pleasing, but on the flip side, they ruin handling and affect overall performance. Secondly, it’s running on a set of low-profile tires.

Now, if there’s anything we’ve learned about low-profile wheels is, they’ll cost you grip. And sure enough, the truck in the footage couldn’t do the one thing it was designed to do – tag itself out of a sticky situation. We are not sure why the driver couldn’t engage in four-wheel-drive, but then again, the mods on a vehicle tell a lot about a driver. Now, the opinions from viewers on the subreddit went in all directions.

Most commenters chose to take advantage and make light of the situation. “I would bet money this is the first time that hitch has been used.” One commenter said. “And the first time those wheels touched dirt.” Another responded. We get it. Mods on trucks are meant to add to the appeal, but some mods will do much more than ruin performance – they’ll embarrass you!

Via – autoevolution.com /  Humphrey Bwayo