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9 Things Corey Inherited From the “Old Man” on Pawn Stars, One Son Discluded From Will

The Pawn Stars empire is definitely one to be revered and respected. Sure, it’s a reality show so there’s some question as to which bits are skits and which are a reality. However, the fact remains that this business was built just like any other.

It started off with the money that the “Old Man” had to spare. This was able to buy a 300 square foot shop. From there, things would build and they would acquire new business concepts before eventually turning it into a multimillion-dollar empire. It’s gotten so big that we’re sure that the physical dealings of the shop are only a fraction of what they make.

Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr aka the “Old Man” had passed away in the summer of 2018 at 77. As he and his family had constructed this business, there were certainly some rewards to show for it. From real estate to cars and also some other pawn shop treasures, the Old Man seemed to collect quite a few things. When he passed away, this would be left it to his sons as they had been a crucial part of building the Pawn Stars empire.

Down in the video below, we really get to dive into what exactly was left behind in the will. As one could imagine this wasn’t exactly a will like many others. Instead, it would feature some insane possessions. These items had collected over the years as a part of owning a pawn shop. With all of the different patrons of the business, the collection was certainly diverse.

Strangely enough, the will did remove one son from the equation. This is certainly a world that not many of us have gotten a chance to dip our toes into. This feature should help to shed a little bit of light on what exactly happens in the world of commercialized pawn.