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Pedestrian Gets Instant Karma

Sometimes, people get angry about the dumbest things. In this video, we watch from a dashcam as a person crossing a crosswalk seems to be super irritated with how far up the car in question here pulled in relationship to the crosswalk and he isn’t afraid to voice his opinion to the driver behind the wheel.

After making a scene and cursing at this driver, showing him some gestures to voices displeasure, the pedestrian pretty much immediately get a dose of instant karma. It’s this situation, the karma happened to make him even more angry at the situation at hand and will have you laughing pretty hard.

Watch in as the man makes his way across the crosswalk and when he gets to the other side of the road, he runs straight into a pole, making himself look pretty stupid for getting that angry at such a small situation in first place. What do you think about this serving of instant karma delivered up hot and fresh?