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People Flying Over Massive Speed Bumps in Jersey City!

When speed bumps are designed effectively, they’ll get cars rolling through neighborhoods to halt their acceleration and slow it down a bit if they’re rolling too fast.

However, there is a certain place for speed bumps and in this middle of this road doesn’t appear to be one of those places as cars hit this bump at damaging speeds.

We watch as car after car slams into the unmarked hump in the road and the vast majority of them bottom out with a cringeworthy crunch as their suspensions feel the pain!

Seriously, whoever thought that this was a good idea might want to either consider some reflective yellow paint or perhaps a new line of work.

When one of the people nearby noticed the reoccurrence of cars smashing down, they decided to take out their camera and record the poor saps who would fall victim to this awkward slab of asphalt.