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People Try A Drunk Driving Simulator – Could You Beat It?

There are a lot of different things that people will debate about and most of the time there’s no real answer as each side has an argument that can be considered. However, in other instances, the answer is really black-and-white and there are issues to which there isn’t really any opposition.

The perfect example of this is drunk driving and how the vast majority of people would probably agree that it’s something that nobody should ever do as it just creates so much unnecessary risk, not only for the person behind the wheel but also for everybody surrounding the vehicle that they happen to be driving.

Now, obviously, driving drunk isn’t something that we recommend doing, in fact, it’s something that we would recommend that you stay away from entirely and keep as much distance as possible with no exceptions or “chancing it.” However, it looks like the people involved in this campaign put together by Ford are getting the opportunity to see exactly what it would be like to drive while drunk, thanks to some equipment that allows you to have not only the visual impairment of being intoxicated by alcohol but also the physical impairment that happens to go along with drinking alcohol.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch as the group of people digs into the simulator and tries their hardest to keep themselves on track. From the responses here, it really does seem like the simulator does a good job of imitating what it’s actually like to be drunk and, long story short, it doesn’t really look like very many of these folks are able to keep it together to the point where they can keep the test car here in between the lines.

This really goes to further prove, as if it was necessary, that drunk driving is a serious offence and shouldn’t be attempted by anybody.