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The Perfect Build? 1200HP Camaro ZL1 Comes to Life

When it comes to putting together a high horsepower application, sometimes, the internet can make it look so easy. The truth behind the matter is that it really takes a lot of time developing skills to be effective. With each and every build, tuners can pick up new ways of carrying out small tasks. When spread out over years of experience, it really adds up. This is why many will choose to take their vehicles to a professional when it comes time to really start shooting for the stars.

Even for the most experienced professionals in the game, it’s not always the most straightforward process. Sure, the folks over at a place like Forza Tuned certainly have a firm grip on what they’re doing. We’ve seen tons of incredible builds come from behind the doors of that shop. However, sometimes, extra restrictions start to make the journey a bit more complicated. For example, this time, not only did they have to take a factory Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and turn it into a 1200 hp monster. In addition, there was a tight time budget with an upcoming event on the horizon.

This time, we dig into what exactly it takes to put a car together like this. In turn, we get to learn about the added challenge that could arise when the customer has very specific and strict needs. After cracking into an engine bay so many times, a lot of these builds become second nature. However, every situation is different and every car has its own nuances that make the build special.

After following along with the video below, we gain even more appreciation for what guys like those at Forza Tuned carry out. Sure, at the end of the day, they might do a good job of making it all look easy. Perhaps that’s because they’re some of the most experienced builders in the game.