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Personalized Jet Suit Goes For a Test Fly – The Future of Personal Transportation?

Ever since any of us have been alive, it seems like personal aviation has been a prediction for the future. Many might’ve thought that by the year 2020, we would all have our own personal Iron Man suits. However, things haven’t exactly panned out that way.

However, just because these sorts of things aren’t in the mainstream news isn’t to say that they are being developed. Instead, there are some folks who have been taking on the market of personal aviation with full thrust.

This time, we check in yet again with the journey of Richard Browning. The man who founded Gravity Industries in March 2017 has been aiming to launch a human flight program to take the segment into “An entirely new era.”

This time, we check in with the gravity jet suit that claims to use 1000 hp of jet engine power. This is combined with natural human balance, says the video description, to deliver “The most intense and enthralling spectacle.”

When we take one look at the video below, this time, as a man wearing the suit chases down a drone, we can say that “Intense” is definitely an understatement. Watching this thing has us feeling the action ourselves. It really makes us wonder if we would have the courage that it takes the strap something like this on and try to fly it.

It’s unclear if this is even close to public consumption. At the end of the day, they would probably have to make it pretty fool-proof in order to be able to sell it to the general public. However, the team says that they operate in the area of “What if” and it doesn’t look like they’ll be letting anything stop them.

We could say that the sky is the limit but that might just be a little bit too cheesy. Watch out for Gravity Industries to be making major strides, though.