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Pilot Jumps Out Of Helicopter to Catch Man Running From Police

We’re sure that as a police officer you have some pretty obscure stories to tell as this line of work is probably filled with more than your fair share of crazies who will say or do anything possible to avoid tangling with the law.

However, today, these officers and one civilian got tangled up in a situation that none of them, or the rest of the internet, will soon be forgetting.

It looks like any other scene where the suspect is desperate to get away from the pursuit with the person in question ducking and dodging police cruisers and attempting to get away. This scenario has one different detail, however.

Instead of just the police, a civilian hops in on the action with his helicopter, aiding law enforcement in their pursuit of their target.

We watch as the pilot chases after the perp before jumping out of his chopper and pursuing on foot, tackling the man seconds before police swarm him and take him down for good.

We would love to hear what the pilot has to say because this might just be the most epic police chase that we’ve ever seen. That guy sure did have some wheels to track down the bad guy!