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You Don’t Need a Pilot’s License to Fly This Jet Ski Plane

If you’re looking to get into aviation in some shape or form but don’t want to spend all the money that comes with buying a full-sized helicopter or airplane and also don’t really know how to maintain such a machine, then we think that we might have come across a good starting place just for you!

This time, take a look at an incredibly legit machine that combines a few familiar faces in the jet ski and an incredibly small airplane that acts as a sort of personal aircraft that will put you into the sky with around $40,000, an amount that we assume to be a lot lighter of an investment than a real aircraft as you basically just get in this thing and go without all of the other peripheral costs. As it’s powered by an electric motor that will take you up to 75 mph without having any sort of ill effects on the environment, we would say that this thing is pretty darn cool.

In the demonstration, we watch as the plane is sent into motion with a couple of simple steps that have this bad boy up and running as it hits the water and the air alike, throwing a new twist into the way that you thought you’d be spending a day out on the lake.

Now, we’re told that the “Flynano” is only able to travel above or in the water which makes sense since you don’t need a pilot’s license to operate it and even at that, we think that this looks like an insanely cool to scoot about over the water. After checking out the video below that will send you more in-depth with a contraption like this, be sure to tell us what you think of the way that it’s putting you, the operator, in motion!

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