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Retro Episode of Pinks Has an S10 Throwing Down With a Dodge Ram For Their Titles

Picture this. It’s the early 2000s and you’re finally done working for the day. You sit down, click on the TV with a favorite beverage in your hand. Once the TV begins to illuminate the living room, you find that Pinks is on the SPEED Channel. There’s nothing to do but kick back, relax, and watch a couple of guys race. Oh yeah, the race is for the opportunity to own their opponent’s car. How’s that for a twist?

Back then, the show was a gateway into drag racing in a way that many had probably never seen. Outside of the fantasy land in The Fast and the Furious, it was pretty hard to come across people who were crazy enough to put the title to their car on the line in a race. However, this innovative television show found folks willing to do just that.

Time after time, we would watch as competitors would put their best foot forward in order to try and go home with two cars when they arrived with one. At times, things would get rather heated. After all, with so much money on the line, people were willing to do whatever it would take to grab victory.

This time, we dive back into an episode that we thought was pretty entertaining. On one hand, we have a 1988 Chevy S10 that’s taking on a 2003 Dodge Ram. Both of these trucks are pretty quick but it really seems like one really out swings the other. There’s no need to fret, though, because the show made it a point to make sure each and every race was as fair as it could possibly be. Even if it meant setting one car out a couple of car lengths in front of the other, they were bound and determined to make things as even as possible.

For those who have already seen this one, feel free to re-live the action down in the video below. For those who haven’t, well, you might’ve just opened up the door to some pure racing entertainment.


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