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Pinto Test Drive Gas Monkey Garage Style!

Pinto Test Drive Gas Monkey Garage Style!

In our personal experience, we’ve found that sometimes it’s the cheapest cars and the ones that you’d expect to be no fun at all to be the exact opposite; Enter the Ford Pinto.

Now, if you know Gas Monkey Garage, you could probably come up with a pretty good guess of where this one is going. That’s right, it’s time for a little test drive… Gas Monkey style!

We watch as the crew gets behind the wheel of the shop’s Pinto and has at it, giving the car about all that it can handle plus a little bit more with a series of donuts and an attempted burnout gone wrong.

Check out the video below as this Pinto is pushed to the edge and a rogue burnout obliterates the car’s driveshaft on the spot. We would say that the driveshaft is a small price to pay in exchange for the ear to ear smiles on everybody’s faces!

Check out how national donut day is celebrated by the Monkies!

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