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Hopefully the Neighbors are Cool Because this Blown Hemi Would Make Ours Call the Cops

There’s nothing like a little bit of horsepower to wake you up in the morning. For these folks, it’s pure music to the ears as they take this blown, alcohol-powered Hemi out into the driveway and fire it up for some sweet, sweet music! Depending on who your neighbors are, you’d venture to think they would either be up in arms or coming over to see exactly what you’ve got going on and appreciating it. One could only hope that the latter are the people who live next door.

Nothing is cooler than sharing something like this with some neighbors who aren’t going to call the cops on you every time that you fire up a beast like this.

As for some of the details on this beast, thanks to those 337 blown cubic inches and massive blower, this older style of Hemi is able to crank out 1300 hp. One thing’s for sure, whatever vehicle this thing ends up going in certainly isn’t going to be a sleeper because, with that big of a cam duration, you can hear this monster coming from miles away. Personally, I wouldn’t have it any differently and I can’t help but fall in love with this thing with each loping sound that it makes as it spits out pure horsepower. How one wouldn’t be able to fall in love with something like this is beyond me!

Follow along in the video below as this screaming V-8 really comes to life, showing you exactly what power is all about. After checking this one out for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this motor as it cranks up and makes quite the ruckus. We would love to see the end result when this monster of a beast that has just been freshened up ends up under the hood of a vehicle. Seeing it in action is sure to be a real treat.


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