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Playing Chicken with an 18 Wheeler

Sometimes, you really can’t help but look at what some people choose to do with their anger and wonder how exactly such a person who makes these kinds of decisions is still breathing. When you see what people are really capable of, it seems like the surprises keep coming in with some of these displays. It really has to make you scratch your head and wonder exactly what kind of gears are turning in their had to prompt action like this. In this one, it really seems like there is no upside for what this driver is up to but lo and beholds, here we sit, watching the moronic display.

Granted that we can’t necessarily see what happens before the video camera starts rolling, I’m really not sure what kind of steps would eventually lead to an individual trying to play chicken with an 18 wheeler that is a lot heavier and much more dominant on the roadway than the rest of the vehicles surrounding it. I’m pretty sure that almost any child could even discern that it would be a good idea to stay out of the way of these machines, especially avoiding stopping in front of them right in the middle of the highway.

If you check out the video below, you’ll watch as the driver of a small SUV continues to mess around with the big dog on the highway and eventually ends up getting the teeth. The real dagger through the heart here is the fact that the SUV driver who is probably going to try and spin this story in their favor doesn’t even have solid ground to stand on as the dash cam tells the entire story pretty much.

I guess that the next step for this driver is to really go through some serious reflection to figure out how to handle such a situation next time.