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Playing Demolition Derby Soccer Looks Like an Absolute Blast

There’s something so beautifully poetic about a demolition derby that makes it so entertaining to watch. Very rarely will you be able to stumble upon an event where people put on their best game face and do a lot of preparation in the name of doing nothing other than creating pure carnage. When it all comes together in just the right way, this carnage is a blast to watch and provides entertainment for hours on end as guys really put it all on the line in order to be the last man standing. When you break it down, it actually becomes sort of barbaric, in a sense.

This time, we check out a demolition derby that actually has a little bit of a twist thrown into it to make things even more interesting. Instead of just a bunch of cars smashing into one another in such a rudimentary form, the challenge of the game of soccer is tied together with the normal format in order to make it an even more entertaining game that has to be an absolute blast to be a part of. It’s basically like taking the concept of the video game, Rocket League, one that has gathered quite the following, and putting it into a real-life situation.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what it’s like as we get the opportunity to catch a first-person point of view that allows you to see what a demolition derby meets soccer experience is exactly like. I would have to say that personally, if I were ever given the opportunity to hop into an experience like this, I would probably immediately get to it. I’m not too sure that I know of many people out there who wouldn’t immediately jump at such an opportunity.


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