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Police Bust Teen Doing 191 MPH in Dad’s C63 AMG

Police Bust Teen Doing 191mph In Parents C63 AMG

If you ever wondered why the insurance rates for teenagers and fast cars are so ashen article, the story should begin to paint the picture. Last week, a pair of 19-year-old kids were going for a drive when they were clocked at 191 mph. After being pulled over, the driver was charged with street racing and charged criminally with “dangerous driving.”

Sgt Kerry Schmidt took the time to sit down and recall the issue, talking about why it was so terrifying. In the rundown, he talks about the ability to perceive obstacles at that rate of speed.

The car in question was dad’s Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The car is more than capable, packing a 6.2-liter V8 making 450 horsepower. Even at that, though, it had to take a substantial span of acceleration to reach those speeds. Who knows how long the driver was at wide-open throttle before being stopped.

Apparently, traffic passing the stop was honking in order to congratulate the officer on nabbing the driver. From what Schmidt says, the car was traveling at about a football field per second.

He continues to tell us that this is the fastest speed that he has ever heard of and continues there are automatic sanctions. The license is immediately suspended for 7 days and the vehicle impounded for 7 days automatically. The penalty is sure to escalate when the case makes itself to court.

Sure, cracking open the throttle and laying into the power on tap can be rewarding. However, there’s certainly a line to be crossed where driving tendencies become downright stupid. For those at home wondering, we wouldn’t recommend trying to tap into a 200 mph run on the highway.