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Police Department in The Great State of Texas Seize 1,000 HP Corvette and Keep It

You know what they say, kids, when it comes to crime, well, it never pays. This time, we take a unique look at a story in which a major drug bust would leave a 1000 hp Chevrolet Corvette in the hands of law enforcement and what they did with it might just stir up a touch of controversy.

Instead of immediately getting rid of the car that they obtained from busted drug dealers, the city of New Braunfels decided that they would put it to use in the community, using the car as a tool for public outreach for a couple of years before sending it off to auction. The car that would come to be known as “Coptimus Prime” will act as a means to break down barriers between civilians and police officers.

We haven’t been given the complete rundown on the setup and without much of a peek under the hood, this news report really did us dirty in leaving out some of the details here that we would love to know, however, from what we can see from the side of the vehicle when the hood is popped, it doesn’t appear to be fitted with any sort of forced induction.

Instead, if that 1000 hp number is actually accurate, we would be led to believe that the car is probably plumbed with some serious nitrous. I highly doubt that the police force would ever put that kind of a system to use, but I’m just imagining a black and white Corvette purging on the highway before getting into the throttle and chasing down some bad guys.

Thanks to LSX Magazine, we learn that it was seized in the summer of 2011 as a part of a 25-pound-a-month methamphetamine bust that would put members of the gang, behind bars. As the law stickered it up with all sorts of decals, including some that state that it was seized from a drug dealer, maybe it will make people think twice about trying to push drugs. Check out the video below and be sure to tell us what you think of this muscle machine’s newfound use!

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