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Police Officers In Dubai Are Training To Fly Personal Drones

When it comes to the future of transportation, you will never know what tomorrow is going to hold. Sure, we have some pretty cool things coming out today but when you think of how far today is from even as recent as 10 or 15 years ago, in terms of what we’re all getting around behind the wheel of, things have really changed a lot. Therefore, with another decade or two of advancement, who really knows what exactly we are going to be driving or if we’re even going to be driving at all? For all we know, the landscape of transportation could look entirely different.

This time, we check out a video that takes us to a vision that looks sort of like a dystopian future. What we’re sure it isn’t all that scary in reality is quite a sight to watch as police officers in Dubai have been training in a very different way when compared to what you would probably expect. No, they aren’t testing out a new weapon or getting upgraded cars but instead taking on an entirely new way of getting around as personal aircraft testing has begun in order to give the officers a new way to respond to emergencies.

If you follow below, you’ll be able to see the video that takes you to the scene of these officers trying out their drones and getting familiar with them. As we start to see technology like this roll out, it might just be a matter of time before personal drones like these are available to everybody. Just imagine not having to wait in traffic as you make your way to your destination, hovering above the rooftops on your regular commute to work, school, our maybe even a weekend worth of shopping! It would certainly look a bit different than it does today.