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Pontoon boat goes over the dam and gets completely annihilated

We aren’t exactly sure where this pontoon boat came from or if the owner knew that it went missing, but regardless of circumstance, the poor vessel would float alone and be met by an iron fist.

A small crowd stands bye and cheers at this dam in Williamsport, PA as an the old rig goes over the edge and it is greeted with countless gallons of water, pulverizing it.

Piece by piece, the boat is stripped apart as the water pounds on it with a fury, not even giving it a second to come up to breathe.

In a matter of just 10 minutes, the carcass of the once useful machine is stripped so bare that the owners might not even recognize it anymore.

We kind of feel bad for whoever lost their boat here, but it looks like they won’t be getting it back anytime soon unless they’re willing to pick up the pieces and send them to scrap.


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