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Pool Table On The Go, Most Obscure Custom Car You’ve Ever Seen

At one point or another, most of us are going to find the time to daydream and come up with ideas that might not exactly be reasonable. Now, most of these ideas obviously are going to fall by the wayside and probably will never come through to fruition, especially the more extravagant ones. One of those wacky daydream types of ideas almost seems like what we’re seeing here in the flesh, however, when you give this car turned pool table a chance, you see that it’s actually a pretty neat party machine meets marketing tool that really has a purpose behind it.

When the President of a company that goes with the name of “Triangle Billiards” needed a prop for a store that he could roll in and out easily, he would enlist a little bit of help in order to get the job done. What came out of the other side of this effort would be a car that was cut in half and fused with a custom body that was a pool table.

That isn’t where the fun stops, though, as if driving around town with a pool table attached to your car isn’t enough. For starters, the car is able to roll up to 100 mph safely with the pool table and all. If you begin to get a little bit frustrated with pool, the car is also equipped with a big screen TV, dartboard, a fridge, and even a sound system to really get the party started. From what we’re told, all of these factors together really generate quite the amount of desirable attention

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to check out a pretty wacky set of stipulations that all came together to form a pretty awesome mechanical machine. I’m not sure that most of us really have a function for this in our regular lives, but I would be willing to bet that most people would love to drive around in something like this for a weekend or two.


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