Porsche 911 Adaptive Aerodynamics are a Thing of Beauty

It’s pretty crazy what competition can do. Whether it’s competition with ...

It’s pretty crazy what competition can do. Whether it’s competition with oneself or with a direct competitor, brands really go above and beyond to conquer. To elaborate further, they say that tracks like the Nürburgring really take this competition to the max.

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In racing, as times are posted, it could really be easy to see how automakers could get into a match of “who’s fastest.” With this sort of battle comes the need to get an advantage in every last way possible. This is something that the folks over at Porsche seem to be taking incredibly seriously.

In order to make the Porsche 911 reach its potential, the brand is leaving no stone unturned. In a battle that sometimes remains in the background, aerodynamics is certainly an area where most vehicles can be improved upon. Most folks might like to focus on power and weight but aerodynamics is certainly somewhere that those vehicles can be made even faster. In fact, we see some modifications here that seem simple enough but end up bearing huge upside. Now, this is something that’s easier said than done but there are certainly gains that are left on the table when aerodynamics aren’t focused on in the way that they need to be. For everything from speed to fuel economy and everything in between, aero matters!

Here, we can watch as the car basically will adapt to different situations and provide what Porsche sees to be the most aerodynamic benefit for each. Essentially, depending on the speed and the driving mode, there are a lot of different circumstances that can be taken into account by the car which alters the settings of different features. This includes, amongst other things, the opening and closing of shutters and vents in order to redirect air. This is a pretty wild thought to try and process. Perhaps these cars are getting to a place where they’re smarter than their drivers!

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