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Porsche Absolutely Destroys 35-Year-Old Overall Nürburgring Record

There are a lot of popular tracks that drivers will go to in order to set records in the world of racing, however, I think that most agree that one of the most prestigious when it comes to throwing your car around turns is none other other than the Nürburgring. Because of the vast variety of different challenges that the track offers up, it has managed to set itself as the benchmark to see just how your car stacks up against the competition whether that competition be amateurs or manufacturers.

With a heavy focus on production cars making their way around the track, we have seen records come and go in all sorts of different intricacies. However, one record that has seemed withstand the test of time is the overall lap record, a category where there are no holds barred where even the most ferocious of race cars can make their way out to the ring in order to try their luck. Even with all of the changes in technology that we see these days, the record has managed to stand on its own for 35 years, that was until recently when it was blown absolutely wide open out of the blue.

The video below will put you in the driver seat, witnessing a ride with the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo, the car based on the company’s Le Mans prototype racer, as it manages to break the record by almost a full minute. In a world where every last second is of the essence, burying the record of the Porsche 956 C deep by 51.58 seconds is simply unheard of. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to this one so we would recommend giving your full and undivided attention to the video below that really is an accelerant for all of your senses.