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Porsche Attacks Chevrolet In Their Own Backyard! Taking The Road Atlanta Lap Record

There has been a lot of buzz about Porsche’s new 911 GT2 RS, and the more we see about the car, it becomes clearer that the hype has been justified. Long known for building incredibly well-balanced, high-performance cars that are incredibly fast and handle amazingly well, it seems Porsche has even outdone itself with the 911 GT2 RS, as the car has received rave reviews across the board.
Even the manufacturer itself has been pushing the car to see just what it’s capable of, pushing the car to a new single-lap record on the twists and turns of Road Atlanta. Hired gun Randy Pobst, MotorTrend’s well-known driving expert, put the car through its paces on the 2.54 mile course with all of the onboard telemetry running so we can see exactly what’s going on inside the car as he laps the famed course.
Hitting speeds as high as 170+ MPH on the longer stretches, Pobst made it look almost effortless as he deftly slipped through the corners and powered down the straights, knocking almost 2 seconds off of the old course lap record held by Dodge’s ACR-spec Viper. With 45 more horsepower on tap than the Viper, the GT2 RS is also likely more balanced thanks to the rear mounted engine and Porsche’s legendary balance, coupled with Pobst’s skill, the record lap doesn’t really even look that fast, but I’ve always heard the adage “smooth is fast”, and that certainly seems to apply here.
Just sit back and watch – and crank up the speakers and listen – as the car shreds the standing course record with room to spare as Pobst pushes the car to its limits. Much of the success is owed to the Michelin Sport Cup 2 R N0 tires, which are designed for track use, but are also completely street legal. They really keep the car planted and happy through the corners and allow the driver to focus on his line rather than worrying about losing control.