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Porsche GT3RS Does Donuts on Las Vegas Strip

Sometimes you just have to grab some asphalt and cut a few donuts.

That’s what this Porsche GT3 driver decided to do, taking a quick dip off of the Vegas strip into an empty parking lot and whipping a couple of “O’s” on the fresh, virgin surface. It sounds like the car, one of the more badass Porsche models to ever roll off the assembly line in Stuttgart, is an automatic that keeps shifting up, interrupting the slip-sliding activities but the driver is determined to whip out a couple of fresh rubber streaks and finally does get the tail to sling around a couple of times.

It’s hard to beat taking a legit supercar behind the woodshed and showing it who’s boss, and what better use for a nice, clean parking lot than blasting out some donuts while the wicked flat 6 screams with joy along with the driver!