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Post Malone Joins Jay Leno to Check Out One of the World’s Fastest Production Cars

As we tune in to Jay Leno’s Garage, we never know what we’re going to find. Leno is one of those celebrities who is a true gearhead, really digging into his automotive passion with what seems to be a nearly endless budget. It’s truly refreshing to see somebody famous who really knows their stuff and can get around the garage better than most.

This time, Leno uses his superpowers to enlist the help of a couple of celebrity guests to check out some wild machines. At first, Post Malone joins Leno as they go for a ride. The personalities have quite a rapport as the duo hops behind the wheel of one of the fastest production cars to ever be made. During the journey, Post also takes a little bit of time to talk about his very own personal experience with some of the cars that he owns himself – including a Bugatti that he says he was scared to drive!

After that, Leno was joined by star driver, Danica Patrick, as the two take a look at an Aston Martin. This isn’t just any Aston Martin, though. Instead, the machine in question was designed specifically for track use only. In fact, if you wanted to get this incredible machine registered to drive on public streets, we would get a feeling that you’d have a pretty hard time doing that no matter what country you live in.

Last but not least, Leno was joined by Stranger Things star, Gaten Matarazzo to check out some Italian classics and Reggie Watts who dives into the world of electric racing machines to peek at what might just be the future of competitive driving.

All of that and more can be discovered by checking out the snippet from an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage in the video below.

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