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Power Drill Powered Drift Trike… Will it Work?

The folks of the internet have been known to have their very own streaks of brilliance and creativity here and there, both of which are captured in this video. Sometimes, when people try and think of their very own crazy idea in their head, it might sound good to them but when it comes out in the physical world, it isn’t so great. However, this time, It looks like these guys are well on their way to figuring out how to put something together that is truly worth taking a look at and possibly enjoying when it’s done!

With just a few simple tools and pieces, the mastermind behind this one put together a running and functioning drift trike that is powered by nothing more than a drill. That’s right, they took one of the most common power tools that money can buy that pretty much everybody has in their house, for the most part, and turned it into an engine for a machine that’s used to have a blast on wheels. Normally, the engines involved in such products might be a little bit bigger but this time, they are maximizing a small power plant and making the most of it!

It’s pretty neat to watch this thing be maneuvered around by battery power as the riders show off their latest creation that we wouldn’t necessarily consider to be finished but, we can definitely see that end product coming into focus. When it’s all wrapped up, we would venture to think that these guys are going to have an even better time than they already are having with the intermediate product. Check out the video below that showcases one of the steps on the way to finishing this one-off creation. What do you think of something like this? Will you be putting together your own soon?


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