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Power Stroke Diesel Powered Toyota Hilux Throws Down at Ford Fest

In the scheme of the automotive world, when it comes to engine swaps, there are two different ways to go. Someone could go down the route of tried-and-true. This includes all sorts of LS Swaps or tossing the powerplant of your choice in a common car like a Fox Body Mustang.

On the other hand, though, there are the people who go above and beyond to be different. These folks create things from scratch that really make us think. When we see these builds pop-up, we wonder just how far some people will take different platforms.

This time, we check out a vehicle that is definitely a member of the latter. The ride in question is known as the “Deathwish Widelux.”

With a man by the name of Fat Erik behind the build along with Josh Mazerolle and the Deathwish crew at Vague Industries, this thing has become like no other. In fact, we would be so inclined to say that the 7.3 L Power Stroke diesel-powered Toyota Hilux is the first-ever of its kind.

We highly doubt that you’ll ever see a widebody Hilux quite like this. In fact, it might also be one of the only Power Stroke powered Hilux trucks in the world as well! This thing gives an all-new meaning to the term “one-of-one.”

This time, we get to see the unique beast in action. It’s not only rolling coal but it’s spitting out some tire smoke, as well. The crew is heading down to Holley Ford Fest in Bowling Green, Kentucky to see what the truck has got. The plan is to try out the burnout and road course competitions.

At the end of the day, will the unique build be able to stand up to a little bit of abuse? With this feature over on the Busted Knuckle YouTube channel, we’re going to find out just that! – Follow Busted Knuckle Facebook