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Prank Gone Wrong Gets Teen Locked In A Safe, Can’t Get Out

When you’re young, there are a lot of crazy situations that you might get yourself into, and this is where the phrase “kids will be kids” can come into play. With an immature mind that perceives a lot of crazy things as funny, kids will try out a lot of different mind-boggling ventures, stretching their legs to see where their boundaries might lie. Sometimes, said stretching of the legs can really get them in trouble. This time, it got some kids into a situation that was a little bit awkward and could have ended up taking a turn for the worse but luckily, emergency services would end up showing up in order to make everything all better.

It seems like these kids were making their way through a sporting goods department when they would stumble upon a gun safe. With that whole “kids being kids” thing in effect, one of the youngsters would decide to hop inside of the safe at which point, his buddies would end up locking him inside. It’s something that we can definitely see ourselves doing as teenagers.

However, this prank that seemed to be innocent enough, as they planned  to let their friend out a couple of seconds later, turned concerning as they would soon find that they wouldn’t be able to get the door of the safe back opened after messing with the keypad for long enough that it would eventually go into a security mode that left the keypad temporarily inoperable with no way to open the safe back up.

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to see the moment as the safe locks and the jokesters absolutely freak out, trying to figure out how they’re going to get their friend out without making a giant scene. However, eventually, they would have to end up enlisting the help of the staff of the store along with emergency services after 911 had to be dialed. The kid was eventually rescued from the safe without any injuries.