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Precision Turbo Destroyed on the Gun Range

Let’s be honest, you’ve never taken a look at a turbocharger designed to make your car faster and wondered how it would do if you fired at it on the gun range. With the power of YouTube, we’re able to dig into these concepts and have curiosity where it never would’ve previously existed and because there’s ad revenue out there to be grabbed, different firearms channels will do whatever it takes in order to grab those views associated with the most obscure curiosities, sending the bullets down the range at just about anything and everything that you can imagine to see exactly how certain objects would fare against a variety of weapons.

This time, we tune in to check out what happens when an aftermarket performance parts company sends a turbocharger to such a gun channel and tells them to have at it. Just about any automotive enthusiast would probably cringe at this one but it’s simultaneously one of those videos that might make your insides turn yet you can’t look away from as you’re probably as curious as we are as to what would happen if a bullet met such a car part. We have seen much smaller pieces of debris completely tear some turbos to shreds so what would a major projectile like this do?

Will a flying bullet be able to shred a turbo to bits? These things are designed to be able to handle a lot of heat and abuse so it’ll be interesting to see exactly how this set of factors all line up when it’s said and done. Before watching the video and seeing how it all pans out, do you have any predictions that you think are going to go down when the bullets are all fired and we have our final results?

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