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President Trump Getting a New Limousine This Summer

When it comes to those who have to go to the highest possible tier of vigilance in order to protect their safety, you can count on the fact that the President of the United States has historically been the man with the most to worry about and therefore, every single aspect of his life has to be closely guarded so that the leader of the free world is in as little danger as possible. This means outfitting every single aspect of his daily routine with as much security as humanly possible, definitely including the vehicles that he should find himself riding in.

One of the most notable accessories that Mr. President gets to go alongside him would definitely be the Presidential Limousine, a machine that we have seen upgraded through the years with all sorts different protective measures including glass that can stop bullets and different body parts that help the vehicle to withstand any explosions. Basically, it’s like a rolling bulletproof bomb shelter on wheels just in case a worst-case scenario should so happen to unfold. You never know what could be waiting right around the corner and being prepared is better than being sorry.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get a little bit of a sneak peak of the new Cadillac limousine that the President will soon be seen rolling around in this upcoming summer.

As it turns out, I guess it automakers are even secretive with vehicles that they’re cranking out that are one-of-a-kind, going as far as taking the extra step to put a little bit of camouflage on board of the new Presidential strech so that spy cameras wouldn’t be able to gather very much, if any, information about what’s to come with a vehicle like this one that’s sure to be something special.