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Pressure Washing a Blazer That Was Found in a River

Over on the Adventures With Purpose YouTube channel, we have seen some pretty intriguing situations come to life. For those who haven’t discovered the channel yet, basically, it’s dedicated to underwater recoveries. Many times, this will involve vehicles with all sorts of different stories. It’s pretty entertaining to watch as the team figures out exactly how they are going to tactfully bring these cars and trucks back to the surface again. Let’s just say that it’s certainly not as easy as it looks.

When these machines sit below the surface of the water, naturally, they’re pretty destroyed most of the time. In fact, while we can still kind of tell what they used to be, there isn’t very much useful leftover. In fact, mother nature pretty much consumes these vehicles into a shell of their former selves.

Apparently, some viewers have been wondering what exactly is underneath the grime with these cars. While the vehicles might not be useful, perhaps there’s something interesting to look at underneath all of the muck. There certainly is a good amount of buildup that exists on the surface of these rides that have been sitting underwater for all that time.

In this feature from the channel, we watch as a thick layer of grime is removed. The star of the show this time is a Chevrolet Blazer that was found in a river. While it is covered with years of buildup, a pressure washer should be able to do the trick. When combined with a foam cannon, we get to see what’s really left underneath of all of the dirt.

When a vehicle has been sitting underwater for a considerable amount of time, how much is actually left when it’s brought back to the surface? This time, we find out just that with a pretty satisfying watch.