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PRI 2016 Highlights: Joe Woods aka Dominator

Each December, when the Performance Racing Industry show rolls around, everybody who’s anybody on the drag strip makes the pilgrimage to Indianapolis to talk with potential sponsors and get the latest on what new products are headed to market.

We get the chance to catch up with a car that has undergone some serious changes recently; the 1967 Dart known as Dominator from Street Outlaws. In this quick chat with the owner, whose real name is Joe Woods, we find out some details about the car and why you can expect it to be a threat, now more than ever.

As with anybody who lives on the drag strip, Dominator has experienced some setbacks, but with an undying persistence and drive to win, Dominator has proven he has what it takes to get to the top. And now with the boosted big block between the frame rails, we know this is a car that we will see making its presence felt in the future. While he can’t give us any specifics just yet, Dominator does tell us that there is a lot that unfolds in season nine of Street Outlaws. I guess we’ll just have to watch and see for ourselves!

Check out the video below, where Woods reveals the car’s new engine setup and how exactly he plans on putting all that boost into action. We can’t wait to see exactly what lies ahead for this mean, lean, purple drag racing machine.